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I need a 1-1/16" diameter Super Cobalt, TiN coated T-A Insert. What is the part number?
Can metric inserts be used in standard inch holders?
What is the cut-off time to ship an order?
Who is the Sales Manager for my area?
What items are sold in standard two-piece packages?
What is the diameter range of special drill inserts?
How do I know what inserts fit into the series 0.5, 1.5, and 2.5 holders?
Does my holder require a Rotary Coolant Adapter (RCA)?
What is the difference between a T-A® and a High Performance (HP) Drill?
Which product would you recommend between the T-A® and HP?
Does Allied Machine offer customer testing?
Why does Allied offer both T-A® and HP products?
Can Allied T-A® and HP drills offer a more effective drilling solution than oil hole twist drills, standard twist drills, or indexable carbide drills?
Is it true that peck drilling is not recommended with Allied Machine drills?
As an end user, can I order direct from Allied?