Threadmill Program Generator


Select a thread mill and easily create the program code for your machine.  Using Insta-Code™ online or offline you can create programs anytime, anywhere.


Insta-Code Threadmills



  • Generates thread mill G-Code programs
  • Available online 24/7
  • No log-in required
  • No updates needed
  • Easily share program code 
  • Supported on all browsers



  • Creates program code for multiple machine platforms
  • Suggest a thread mill based off of application details
  • Provides estimated cycle time for improved production
  • Available for use offline.
  • Download and open, open, then click on setup.exe to install.
  • One click updates are available for online computers.


 Supported on all Windows OS





  • Update your offline Insta-Code software
  • Click here to download an updated .zip file, then transfer to the offline computer. Click "Check for Update" in your Insta-Code software and navigate to the downloaded zip file.
  • This allows you to keep all of your saved programs.