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Machine up to 10xD with the NOVITECH® vibration damping intermediate module. The patent pending NOVITECH system is a viscoelastically mounted damping module, which reduces vibrations during machining diameters up to 8.070" (205.00 mm).

NOVITECH connects quickly and easily with the Wohlhaupter® MVS connections feature and allows you to utilize your existing Wohlhaupter components for versatile tooling setups. 

The NOVITECH increases productivity, surface quality, and process reliablity.

Intermediate modules allow for expanded use of existing components and reduce the need for specials and their associated cost and lead time. Each intermediate module component is individually balanced. 
  • Increase productivity, surface quality, and process reliability
  • Connect quickly and easily with the MVS connection
  • Utilize existing Wohlhaupter components
  • Increase tool and spindle life
  • Machining diameter: 1.968" - 8.070" (50.00 mm - 205.00 mm)
  • Machine up to 10xD
  • Coolant through
  • Features Wohlhaupter MVS connection
  • Individually balanced
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