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Special Capabilities
Let Us Design Your Success
If your application requires a solution beyond the capabilities of standard products, our application engineers are standing by to assist with your situation. We will work with you to develop, design, and manufacture a special tooling solution to accomplish your goals.
  • Decrease setup times and eliminate unnecessary processes
  • Increase tool life and reduce scrap
  • Decrease cycle times
  • Increase your overall savings and boost your productivity
Special Drilling Solutions
Holemaking, No Matter What
Do you need to achieve a special depth, diameter, or form in your holemaking process? Allied has over 75 years of history and experience, so you can expect an expert level of understanding and knowledge when we address your applications. Our special drills can include multiple unique designs to accomplish complicated holes.
  • Multiple coolant outlets
  • Adjustable pilot area
  • Multiple holder steps and insert steps
  • Customer-defined shanks and connections
  • Special lengths beyond 27xD
Other Product Solutions
Specials Beyond Drilling
Our special capabilities go far beyond drilling. We can also provide special solutions for other holemaking and hole finishing processes. No matter what your application is, give us a call and let us tell you we can't solve the problem. Our guess is we'll tell you just the opposite.
  • Porting solutions
  • Boring solutions
  • Reaming solutions
  • Burnishing solutions
  • Threading solutions
Custom Indexable Drill / Form System
What if you could utilize complex forms that only seem to be available as brazed or solid carbide tools? Our i-Form custom indexable drill/form tool system allows for complex designs with a replaceable cutting edge. This will reduce setup times and eliminate regrinds, allowing you to increase your productivity and reduce costs. Don't settle for being good when the possibility of being great is right in front of you.

i-Form allows you to design complex forms for any style hole with increased productivity. The i-Form product line - both pilot inserts and form inserts - creates custom engineered forms that provide complex designs with replaceable cutting edges and improved consistency, all while outperforming brazed and solid carbide tooling. i-Form tools will increase your productivity, minimize setup times, and eliminate regrind tool float and inconsistency.