Original T-A
Original T-A
Orthopedic Component: Original T-A® 
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The Challenge

A customer manufactures orthopedic instruments and implants for the medical industry. They use a HAAS VMC with water soluble coolant to produce their products. The part being machined is an orthopedic component made from stainless steel designed to support a human vertebral column.

The customer wanted to remain with Allied products, and they requested a solution to further improve the hole finish and increase tool life.

The Original T-A geometry and coating successfully improved the tool life and the hole finish.


Product: Original T-A
Objectives: (1) Increase tool life
(2) Improve hole finish
Industry: Medical
Part: Orthopedic component
Material: Stainless steel
Hole Ø: 0.437" (11.1mm)

The Solution
The Original T-A Drill
  • Drill insert: 180A-13-NC
Measure Competitor Original T-A
RPM 250 280
Feed Rate 0.005 IPR (0.127 mm/rev) 0.005 IPR (0.127 mm/rev)
Tool Life 25 holes 100 holes
Cycle Time 4 min 4 min

The Advantages
The Original T-A provided:
  • Provided 4x the tool life
  • Improved hole finish