Precision Parts: AccuPort 432® 
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The Challenge
An aerospace manufacturer is producing high quality precision stainless steel components for commercial, military, and space. They us an Okuma NXVA 4 axis VMC with 1,000 PSI coolant through the tool.

Tools used:
  1. Spot tool
  2. Drill
  3. End mills (2 different sizes)
  4. Special port form

Overall operation:
  • Cycle time = 18 minutes 41 seconds
Because the customer needed 5 tools to produce their products, they experienced several issues. For example, they encountered elevated regrind and stocking fees, increased tool changes, and quality issues due to blending several tool operations. Also, the customer was struggling to produce a quality port because of the required 10″ reach, and they needed to achieve a better finish.
The Solution
Allied recommended the AccuPort 432.

Tools used: AccuPort 432 holder, port form inserts, and T-A® pilot insert (item 1C5YA-.386)
  • 650 RPM
  • .006 IPR
  • Cycle time = 30 seconds
The Advantages
Not only did the AccuPort 432 significantly reduce the cycle time, but it also dramatically increased tool life. 
  • Reduced cycle time by 97%
  • Total cost savings = $81,684 per year