Revolution Drill
Oil Field Reamers: Revolution Drill® 
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The Challenge
The customer produces oil field reamers designed to go down into oil wells and ream out the casing and material for the shaft to pass through. They are machining 4130 solid bar stock using a Weiler manual lathe using a semi-synthetic coolant at 300 PSI. The material has an existing 1" diameter hole that is drilled with a 2.25" diameter twist drill. They hand feed the drill with the tailstock, which leads to inconsistent feed rate and poor chip control.

Tool used: Twist drill
  • Hole diameter = 2.25" (57.15 mm)
  • Hole depth = 10.0 inches (254 mm)
  • 120 RPM
  • Cycle time = 25 minutes
  • Tool life = 2 holes
Looking for performance improvements, the customer contacted Allied for a solution.
The Solution
Allied recommended the Revolution Drill.

Tool used: Revolution Drill with holder (R38X45-150L) and insert (item OP-5T308-H)

The tool was inserted into a boring bar holder on a quick-change tool post. A dial indicator was used to make sure the drill was parallel to the work piece, followed by the use of the carriage to steadily feed the drill into the work piece.
  • 300 RPM
  • 0.0032 IPR (0.08 mm/rev)
  • 0.96 IPM (24.38 mm/min)
  • Cycle time = 9.6 minutes
  • Tool life = 5 holes
The Advantages
The Revolution Drill eliminated the need to hand feed the 2.25" diameter twist drill, gaining valuable time that was previously spent re-sharpening the tool after every part.
  • Reduced costly machine run time
  • Decreased the cost per hole from $66.88 to $25.63
  • Total cost savings = 61%