Original T-A
Original T-A
Down Hole Mud Injunction Tube: Original T-A® 
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The Challenge
A contract machine shop repairs and maintains equipment for the oilfield industry. They are machining a down hole mud injection tube used in offshore drilling. The tube is made from heat treated alloy steel. They are using a manual lathe running with water soluble oil coolant through the tool with a rotary coolant adapter.

Tools used:  Nachi Cobalt Twist drill
  • Hole diameter = 0.750″
  • Hole depth = 10.00″
  • 475 RPM
  • 0.005 IPR
  • Cycle time = 4.7 minutes
  • Tool life = 8 holes
Seeking to improve the production process, the customer needed to reduce the cycle time and decrease the cost of production.
The Solution
Allied recommended a Original T-A drill.

Tool used:  Original T-A drill insert (item 151A-0024) with holder (27010S-100L)
  • 750 RPM
  • 0.0065 IPR
  • Cycle time = 2.55 minutes
  • Tool life = 11 holes
The Advantages
The Original T-A lowered cycle time and increased tool life.
  • Decreased cycle time by 45.7%
  • Lowered the cost of production by 59.15%
  • Decreased cost per hole from $14.14 to $5.78
  • Total savings = $836.58 or 59.15%