XT Pro Assembly
XT Pro Insert
Pump Cylinder: GEN3SYS® XT Pro 
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The Challenge
Good Things Come to Those Who Don’t Wait.

Don’t be held back by the waiting game. Our customer who machines pump cylinders was previously having to wait on 35-to-40-day lead times.

Needing better lead times and lower costs per hole, the customer tested Allied’s GEN3SYS XT Pro drill. Using the “K” ISO-specific cast iron insert geometry—developed with a corner radius for improved hole finish and heat dispersion—they were able to maintain speed while increasing penetration rate and tool life.

On top of the increased tool life, the GEN3SYS XT Pro had a decreased cycle time lowering the cost per hole by 18%. The success of the XT Pro in this application is just another example of why you should go with the pro. Don’t wait;it’s always the right time to give us a call and let us help you find the right solution.

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Product: GEN3SYS XT Pro
Objective: (1) Reduce lead time
(2) Decrease cost per hole
Industry: General machining
Part: Pump cylinder
Material: Nodular iron
Hole Ø:  0.6496" (16.50 mm)
Hole Depth: 1.9685" (50.00 mm)
Tolerance: +/- 0.0039" (0.10 mm )
The Solution
The GEN3SYS XT Pro High Penetration Drilling System:
  • GEN3SYS XT Pro holder: HXT0716S-20FM
  • GEN3SYS XT Pro insert, (K) cast iron geometry: XTK16-16.50
Measure Competitor Replaceable Insert Drill GEN3SYS XT Pro
RPM 2600 2600
Speed 442 SFM (134.00 M/min) 442 SFM (134.00 M/min)
Feed Rate 0.0090 IPR (0.23 mm/rev) 0.0110 IPR (0.28 mm/rev)
Penetration Rate 23.4 IPM (594.0 mm/min) 28.6 IPM (726.0 mm/min)
Total Part Cycle Time 6.77 sec 5.44 sec
Tool Life 5920 holes 7840 holes
GEN3SYS XT Pro offered 18% cost per hole savings over the competitor tooling.
The Advantages
The GEN3SYS XT Pro insert with ISO-specificAM440 coating provided:
  • 32% tool life increase
  • Decreased lead times
  • Decreased cycle time
  • Decreased cost per hole
  • Increased penetration rate