News > 4TEX IC Drill From Allied Machine Excels in High-temp Alloys | Stainless Steels
4TEX Drill in Horizontal Lathe
4TEX IC Drill From Allied Machine Excels in High-temp Alloys | Stainless Steels

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Deborah Froelich
Allied Machine & Engineering

The 4TEX IC drill outperforms others in drilling high-temperature alloys and stainless steels.
Dover, OH  - Allied Machine & Engineering, a leading manufacturer of holemaking and finishing cutting tools for the metal-cutting industry, reports exceptional performance results for their newest IC drill, 4TEX.
Recently, a customer machining coils from 316 stainless steel tubes was struggling with drilling the outer curved surface of the tubing. At times the drilled holes were on the tubing centerline, but other times the holes were off-center, creating a severely interrupted cut on the angled surface of the tubes.
After experiencing catastrophic failure with their existing tool, they tested the 4TEX IC drill using the “M” geometry inserts with AM485 coating designed to resist heat and a higher rake geometry that provides excellent chip formation in stainless steels. The customer reported 4TEX performed well in the angled cut, drilling every hole with consistent results: quiet operation, no chatter, excellent hole size and finish, no exit burrs, and ideal chip formation.
According to the company, 4TEX excels in drilling operations like the aforementioned that include interrupted cuts, inclined work surfaces, and angled breakouts, as well as high-temperature alloys and stainless steels. Allied states that this indexable carbide drill is engineered to create optimal chip formation for efficient evacuation in holemaking processes and it outperforms other standard drills by delivering higher penetration rates in light-duty machines. 4TEX is ideal for applications that include shallow 2xD, 3xD, and 4xD holes in the 0.472” – 1.850” (12mm - 47mm) range.
Allied Machine has optimized 4TEX’s insert geometries for wear resistance and offers them in geometry/coating combinations for all ISO materials including steel, stainless steel, high-temperature alloys, non-ferrous and iron. Another benefit of its design is that the same insert can be used in either drill pocket, simplifying insert change out. The distinctive insert shape improves surface finish, hole quality, and penetration rates while eliminating issues from chips winding around the tool.
The drill’s design touts increased core strength, improving hole size and straightness. The flute space of the internal cutting-edge side, where chips often cluster, is 1.6 times larger than typical IC drills. Dual-twisted coolant outlets, coupled with the increased flute space, improve penetration rates by enhancing coolant flow and generating optimal chip extraction.

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