Actuator Component: EcoCut 
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The Challenge
A contract manufacturing company is producing automotive airbag components. They use a bar fed Miyano CNC lathe with 200 PSI coolant through the tool. They are machining an actuator component made of low carbon steel.

Tools used:
  • An indexable drill
  • A rough boring tool
  • A finish boring tool
The customer needed to reduce costs in order to continue their contract, so they asked Allied to improve their production.
The Solution
Allied recommended a combination of the GEN2 T-A and EcoCut.

Tools used:  
  • GEN2 T-A (insert item 4C10H-0017)
  • EcoCut (holder item EC 12R-3.0D 06 H-E and GM40 grade insert item XCNT 060202EN)
The Advantages
The solution achieved the customer’s goal.
  • Eliminated one tool in the process
  • Reduced tooling costs by 36%
  • Saved $0.24 per part
  • Costs savings of $4,761.49 per 20,000 holes