Wohlhaupter® 320 Boring Head with NOVITECH
Pump: Wohlhaupter® 320 with NOVITECH® 
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The Challenge

Time is money, so make it count. 

If you want to improve your machining processes, cycle time is a key factor to examine. After all, the longer it takes you to produce a part, the fewer parts you can produce in a given time. Our customer was experiencing lengthy cycle times while machining pumps from gray cast iron. The parts required 3 bored holes, each with a 12” (304.8 mm) depth and a 22” (558.8 mm) reach. 

In order to free up machine time, our customer questioned if their process could be more efficient. The main objectives were to decrease the current cycle time and to maintain a 160 Ra finish, which was required to perform the burnishing process that followed. 

The previous tooling ran at a slow 0.47 IPM (11.938 mm/min) and a paint-drying 84-minute cycle time to bore the three holes on each part. With our Wohlhaupter 320 Boring Head utilizing the NOVITECH Vibration Dampened Module, our customer increased to a more efficient 3.75 IPM (95.25 mm/min) and slashed the cycle time to 10.5 minutes (an 87% decrease). Along with the increased speed, the Wohlhaupter tooling also achieved a 155 Ra finish, accomplishing everything our customer needed. 

The Wohlhaupter solution reduced the process cycle time by 74 minutes. Improvements in speed and cycle time can free up machine hours, which means more throughput and higher profit for your company. Are you losing money on applications with substantially long cycle times? 

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Product Wohlhaupter 320 Boring Head
NOIVTECH Vibration Dampened Module
Objective Decrease cycle time
Maintain 160 Ra hole finish
Industry Oil & gas/petrochemical
Part Pump
Material Gray cast iron
Hole Ø 5.500" (139.7 mm)
Hole Depth 12.000" (304.8 mm)

The Solution
Wohlhaupter 320 boring head with NOVITECH vibration dampened module
  • Boring head, 320 series:  320008
  • NOVITECH, vibration dampened intermediate module:  519005
  • Master shank: 353024
Measure Competitor Boring Head 320 Boring Head w/ NOVITECH
RPM 39 469
Speed Rate 56 SFM (17.069 M/min) 675 SFM (205.74 M/min)
Feed Rate 0.012 IPR (0.305 mm/rev) 0.008 IPR (0.203 mm/rev)
Penetration Rate 0.47 IPM (11.938 mm/min) 3.75 IPM (95.25 mm/min)
Cycle Time (per hole) 27 min 54 sec 3 min 32 sec
Hole Finish 160 Ra 155 Ra

The Advantages
The Wohlhaupter 320 boring head with the NOVITECH vibration dampened module provided:
  • 74 minute cycle time reduction
  • Increased penetration rate
  • Excellent finish in a deep hole application