Revolution Drill
Valve Actuator Bodies: Revolution Drill® 
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The Challenge

The customer manufactures valve actuator bodies for the aerospace industry. The parts are made from 316 stainless steel. They use a low thrust Mori Seiki machining center with 20 HP using water soluble coolant. Previously, the customer used a series of spade drills that failed due to Z axis overload. They then tried an Iscar plunge mill.

Looking for improvements, the customer needed to reduce the plunge mill’s high cost per hole.

The Revolution Drill® accomplished the customer’s needs by speeding up the process and reducing the overall cost of drilling.

Product: Revolution Drill
Objective: Decrease cost per hole
Industry: Aerospace
Part: Valve acuator bodies
Material: 316 Stainless steel
Hole Ø: 2.5" (63.5 mm)
Hole Depth: 12" (304.8 mm)


The Solution
The Revolution Drill
  • Drill holder: R42X35-150L
  • Drill inserts: Op-05T308-H
Measure Competitor Plunge Mill Revolution Drill
RPM 800 1000
Feed Rate 0.001 IPR (0.025 mm/rev) down
0.005 (0.127 mm/rev) circular
0.005 IPR (0.127 mm/rev)
Penetration Rate 0.8 IPM (20.32 mm/min) 5.0 IPM (127 mm/min)
Cycle Time 15 min 2 min 24 sec
Tool Life 8 holes 30 holes
The Revolution Drill offered 82.51% cost per hole savings over the competitor tooling.

The Advantages
The Revolution Drill provided:
  • Reduced cycle time by 84%
  • Reduced cost per hole
  • Increased tool life