Original T-A
Original T-A
I-Beams: Original T-A® 
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The Challenge

The customer needs to drill holes in I-beams made from A36 structural steel. They just purchased a new Peddinghaus PCD 1100 Beam Drill Line.

The customer needed to reduce costs by decreasing the tool failure. Also, the machine operator was unhappy with the long stringy chips produced by the Nachi drills.

The Original T-A structural steel drill provided excellent chip formation (tightly curled 6’s and 9’s). More importantly, the drill eliminated the tool breakage issue.


Product: Original T-A
Objectives: (1) Decrease tool failure
(2) Improve chip formation
Industry: Structural steel/fabricator
Part: I-beams
Material: Structural steel
Hole Depth: 0.75" (19.05mm)

The Solution
The Original T-A Drill
  • Holder:24020H-004IS100
  • Insert:152A-0106-SS
Measure Competitor Original T-A
RPM 700 516
Feed Rate 0.007 IPR (0.178 mm/rev) 0.009 IPR (0.229 mm/rev)
Penetration Rate 4.9 IPM (124.46 mm/min) 4.65 IPM (118.11 mm/min)
Tool failure? Yes No

The Advantages
The Original T-A provided:
  • Eliminated tool failure
  • Improved chip formation