Underwater Explosive Casings: EcoCut 
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The Challenge
A specialty screw machine shop is manufacturing underwater explosive casings made from aluminum bar stock for the U.S. Navy. These products must meet very strict tolerances. They use an EMCO multi-spindle lathe (four spindles per machine) with a water soluble coolant through the tool.

Tools used:
  • Drill
  • Small boring bar (0.375″)
  • Large boring bar (0.750″)
  • Facing tool
Overall process:
  • Cycle time = 2 minutes
The customer needed to reduce the cycle time, reduce the amount of tooling, and reduce costs.
The Solution
Allied recommended the EcoCut tooling.

Tool used: EcoCut (item EC10R-1.5D 05-E) and (item EC10L-1.5D 05-E) with inserts (item XCET050202FN)
  • 600 SFM
  • 1024 RPM
  • 1.126 IPM (drill)
  • 2.048 IPM (counter bore)
  • 5.120 IPM (finish bore)
  • Cycle time = 1 minute 38 seconds
The Advantages
The EcoCut successfully decreased cycle time while eliminating 3 tools from the process.
  • Increased tool life and reduced tooling costs: 4 EcoCut inserts per 40,000 parts = $13.66
  • Total cost savings = $11,458.50