ASC 320
ID of Pressure-Sealed Rotor Housing: ASC 320® 
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The Challenge
A manufacturer of helicopter components is machining the ID of a pressure-sealed rotor housing. The part is made from stainless steel, and they are using an Emco Turn CNC Lathe with 300 PSI coolant through the tool to manufacture the parts.

Tools used: 0.300" diameter solid carbide drill, 4 graduated rough bores, and two finish bore operations
  • Each boring step required hole flushing
  • Total cycle time = 17 minutes
With need to improve production, the customer requested a solution to reduce cycle time and eliminate part distortion.
The Solution
Allied recommended the ASC 320 Solid Carbide Drill.

Tool used: ASC 320 drill (item 360E03438A21M)
  • 1893 RPM
  • 170 SFM
  • 0.006 IPR
  • 11.4 IPM
  • Cycle time = 6.2 minutes
The Advantages
The ASC 320 successfully reduced the cycle time. Also, the customer gained better chip control, better hole size, and a cleaner finish on the product.
  • Decreased cycle time by 63.5%