ATV Suspension: GEN3SYS® XT Pro 
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La problématique

Increasing your production might be easier than you think. 

If you’re struggling with production issues, don’t beat your head against the wall. Taking a look at your penetration rates can quickly improve your machining processes. Our customer was producing ATV suspensions from ductile iron, a material with high abrasiveness and inconsistent hardness. The application was challenging, and our customer wasn’t happy with the low penetration rate they were getting from their current drill; they needed to maintain a 63 Ra μin surface finish, and if they fed the drill higher than .005 IPR, it wouldn’t hold the required finish. 

 Our customer tested the GEN3SYS XT Pro using the “K” geometry with AM440 coating designed specifically to overcome wear in cast iron material. This coating allows you to spin the tool faster without losing the cutting edge to wear. The XT Pro demolished our customer’s expectations and increased the penetration rate from 8 IPM to 43.7 IPM (a 446% increase), all while holding the required 63 Ra μin surface finish. 

By increasing the penetration rate, the XT Pro dropped the cycle time from 23 seconds to 4 seconds. This allowed our customer to get more parts off the machine per hour, which further decreased the machine costs and ultimately increased profits. And no one’s going to complain about increased profits. 

With the XT Pro, our customer successfully improved the production of their part. That’s all it takes; a simple change to the right tool can make all the difference in your production. 

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Product GEN3SYS XT Pro
Objectives Increase penetration rate (>33 IPM)
Industry Automotive
Part ATV Suspension
Material Ductile Iron
Hole Ø 26.00mm
Hole Depth 3.000"

La solution
GEN3SYS XT Pro High Penetration Drill
  • Drill holder, 3xD length:  HXT0326S-125F
  • Drill insert, K geometry (cast iron):  XTK26-26.00
Measure Replaceable Insert Drill GEN3SYS XT Pro
RPM 1600 1900
Speed Rate 429 SFM 509 SFM
Feed Rate 0.005 IPR 0.023 IPR
Penetration Rate 8.0 IPM 43.7 IPM
Cycle Time 23 sec 4 sec
Tool Life 1200 linear inches 1200 linear inches

Les avantages
The cast iron geometry insert with AM440 coating + the holder with enhanced coolant design provided:
  • 446% penetration rate increase
  • Decreased cycle time
  • Maintained customer's tool life