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Guided T-A Deep Hole Drill


Guided T-A® Drill

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. offers the Guided T-A® Drill for your deep hole drilling needs. 


Guided T-A® Drill Features and Benefits: 

  –     Maintain a straighter hole throughout operation
  –     Provides for tighter true position holes
  –     Great for breaking out on uneven surfaces
  –     Penetration Rate up to 2x as fast as Gundrill
  –     Available in carbide-clad and chrome-plated styles
  –     Can be used with standard T-A® & GEN2 T-A®, HSS or Carbide blades


Follow the Deep Hole Guidelines for best practices in deep hole drilling.

The Guided T-A® is available as a made-to-order tool through Allied’s Application Engineering Department. Contact them at (800) 321-5537 x 7611 or by email at


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