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Literature Order Form.

Allied Drilling Products Spanish Version
Criterion™ Boring Specials GEN3SYS® XT and XT Pro 

Lit. Order No: ADP Lit. Order No: ADPSP-14
Lit. Order No: AMPC-B2 Lit. Order No:  SPEC Lit. Order No:  AMPC-A2 

ALVAN® Reamers Structural Steel High Performance
and Universal Style

Thread Milling


Roller Burnishing 

Lit. Order No: ALV
Lit. Order No: SS Lit. Order No: AMPC-A4 Lit. Order No: TMC Lit. Order No: AMPC-D

Product History
Deep Hole Drilling

BT-A Drill EcoCut Catalog
XT Pro Flyer
 Digital Only
Digital Only Digital Only
 Lit Order No: EC
 Lit Order No: XTPROFL-1

Wohlhaupter VarioBore
  Wohlhaupter Catalog
Combi Line Flyer
Wohlhaupter History Flyer
Wohlhaupter Insert Catalog
 Digital Copy Only Currently
   Lit Order No: WOHLCAT
 Digital Copy Only
 Digital Copy Only
 Lit Order No: WOHLINS

Solid Carbide Flyer  AccuPort Flyer  Product Flyer English  Product Flyer Español
Product Flyer Français
Lit Order No: SUP-FL
Lit Order No: APFL
Lit Order No: PROFL-EN
Lit Order No: PROFL-ES
Lit Order No: PROFL-FR

Aerospace Solutions


Aerospace Solutions


Firearms Solutions

Engineered Specials Automotive Solutions



Lit Order No: AEROFL-BO 
Lit Order No: AEROFL-AB
Digital Copy Only Currently
Digital Copy Only Currently  Lit Order No: AUTOFL

Threadmills USA

(metric shanks only)

Vacuum Drill

Lit. Order No:AEROFL-2  

Folleto SelecciÓn espaÑola

DBFL-ES        -    Herramienta de taladrado "Deburr" (Español)

IFFL-09-ES     -    i-Form /Boletin para insertos hechos a la medida (Español)



SeleÇÃo portugÊs brochura

AT-FP            -     AccuThread 856 (Português)

GEN3-FP        -    GEN3SYS® (Português)

IF-FP             -    i-Form (Português)

TA-FP            -    Produtos de Perfuração T-A® _ Acessórios (Português)

XT-FP            -    GEN3SYS® XT (Português)