ALVAN® Reamer Grey Cast Iron
The End-user is manufacturing components for recreational and industrial vehicles such as motorcycles, utility vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, and snowmobiles. They are using an Okuma Horizontal Machining Center with 200 PSI water soluble flood coolant to machine a hydraulic transmission component made out of grey cast iron.
Previously, the customer was using a BIG Kaiser Finish Bore running at the following parameters: 1937 RPM, 381 SFM, 0.0079 IPR, and 15.30 IPM. Using a 2-pass program, the tool created a 1.20″ deep hole with a 0.7515″ diameter. The tool had a cycle time of 9.4 seconds and a life of 75 parts. Wishing to improve their production, the End-user wanted to increase tool life and lower their costs.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC recommended the Alvan® Reamer Straight Flute Short Monobloc Series 92440 P01 Cermet Uncoated with V lead. The AMEC tooling was run at the following parameters: 1475 RPM, 290 SFM, 0.023 IPR, and 33.93 IPM. The Alvan® Reamer succeeded in meeting the customer’s expectations. The AMEC tooling reduced cycle time to only 2.1 seconds and increased tool life by 4372% to 3354 parts. As a result, the customer lowered their cost of production and saved a total of $1,473.79 or 40%.
The Alvan® Reamer ultimately lowered cycle time and increased tool life. Therefore the customer’s cost of production decreased. Thoroughly satisfied with the Alvan® Reamer, the customer has ordered additional sizes of the product for use in other applications.