Drilling System Structural Steel
A steel fabrication shop is drilling I-beams made out of structural steel for the construction industry using a Peddinghaus BDL-1250 with 9 spindles and through-tool coolant.
Previously, the customer was running their drills at a speed of 96.85 SFM, .0085 IPR, and 3.25 IPM. They were drilling 13/16″ diameter holes 0.5″ deep. The tooling had a cycle time of 9.29 seconds and a life of roughly 600-800 holes. The customer was paying $138.00 per drill and regrinding 5-6 times. Wanting to improve their production process, the customer needed to reduce cycle time, reduce costs, and alleviate problems with regrinding tooling in-house.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC suggested their structural steel products. They recommended using holder item #24010H-0041S052 and insert item #151A-0026-NP running at a speed of 125 SFM, .009 IPR, and 5.45 IPM. The results were excellent. The AMEC tooling eliminated the need for regrind and the cycle time decreased to 5.56 seconds. Additionally, the customer received a total cost savings of $149.64 or 37% for every 1100 holes they processed.
Satisfied with the results of the test, the customer received a 37% savings. The customer has now converted all sizes of drilling to AMEC tooling.