T-A® Drill Inserts
An End-user is manufacturing valves for the oil field industry using a custom-made spotting drill machine running with 60 PSI water soluble oil coolant. They are machining a valve body made out of WCC Cast Steel.
Previously, the customer was using a Guhring 90° Spot Drill running at the following parameters: 430 RPM, 141 SFM, 0.005 IPR, and 2.15 IPM. The tool drilled a 0.375″ deep hole with a 1.2500″ diameter. The tool had a cycle time of 10.5 seconds and a tool set-up time of 29 minutes. The tool also had a life of 75 holes and required 8 regrinds. To improve their production process, the customer wanted to eliminate tool regrind and reduce tool set-up time.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC recommended the T-A® 90° Spot drill insert item #152T-0108-SP with holder #020128-8 running at the recommended parameters of 430 RPM, 141 SFM, 0.005 IPR, and 2.15 IPM. The results exceeded the customer’s expectations. While the cycle time remained at 10.5 seconds, the T-A® tool lowered tool set-up time to only 4 minutes. Additionally, the tool increased tool life to 138 holes and eliminated the need for regrind. The customer also lowered their cost of production and saved a total of $6,777.73 or 46.6%.
Using the AMEC tool, the customer achieved their goals and eliminated tool regrind while reducing tool set-up time by 25 minutes. Also, the customer received a total cost savings of 46.6%.