EcoCut Aluminum Bar Stock
A specialty screw machine shop is manufacturing underwater explosive casings made out of aluminum bar stock for the U.S. Navy. They also machine many other special products that have to meet very strict tolerances. They are using an EMCO multi-spindle lathe, four spindles per machine, with a water soluble coolant through the tool.
To manufacture their products, the customer was previously using four tools to complete the process. They were using a drill, a small boring bar (.375″), a larger boring bar (.750″), and a facing tool. Looking to AMEC to improve their production, the customer wanted to reduce their cycle time, reduce the amount of tooling, and reduce costs.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s application engineers suggested they try EcoCut, item # EC10R-1.5D 05-E and item # EC10L-1.5D 05-E, with inserts, item # XCET050202FN. We suggested running the tools at a speed of 600 SFM and 1024 RPM. However, the feeds for each process were different. For the drill the feed was 1.126 IPM; for the counter bore, 2.048 IPM; and for the finish bore, 5.120 IPM. The results were excellent. By eliminating three tools, the customer was able to reduce the total cycle time from 2 minutes to 1 minute 38 seconds. In reducing the cycle time, the customer received a total cost savings of $11,458.50.
Thanks to performance of the EcoCut tooling, the customer decreased their cycle time, eliminated tooling, and dramatically reduced the cost of production. Currently the customer is using four EcoCut inserts per 40,000 parts at a cost of $13.66.