Special Ball-Nose Blades
An End-user is manufacturing high pressure forged and stainless steel fittings, tank and cylinder fittings, and other steel products. They are using a retro-fitted Goss with chlorinated sulferized oil coolant to machine a 90° fitting made out of mild steel.
Previously, the customer was using a ball nose form blade produced by a local shop running at the following parameters: 200 SFM and 0.018 IPR. The tool had a life of 900 parts and a cycle time of 17 seconds. Seeking to streamline their production, the customer wanted to increase tool life and reduce their cost of production.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC recommended using a redesigned ball nose blade running at the suggested parameters of 200 SFM and 0.018 IPR. The tool had a cycle time of 17 seconds. With a milled design and a true radius, the ball nose blade utilized a body specific holder made from high strength material. The results were excellent. Not only did the AMEC tool achieve a superior finish and have greater chip control, but the ball nose blade also increased tool life to 1500 parts. This reduced the cost of production and enabled the customer to increase productivity. The customer received a total cost savings of $0.026 per part.
Using the AMEC tooling, the customer was able to dramatically increase tool life while lowering their cost of production. The customer now utilizes AMEC for cost reduction and special applications where needed instead of looking to other manufacturers.