AccuThread 856® Threadmill Structural Steel Job Shop
An End-user is producing job shop blue print work for the automotive, agriculture, and plastic industries. They are using a Mazak AJV 6080 VMC running with water soluble coolant to machine an end cap made out of structural steel. The end cap required 4 tapped holes per part.
Previously the customer was using an OSG 1 X 11.5 NPT taper running at the following parameters: 10 RPM, 0.01 IPR, 0 SFM, and 0.10 IPM. The threaded diameter was 1.250″ and the length of the hole was 3.925″. The tool had a cycle time of 39 minutes 15 seconds and a life of 1 hole. The poor tool life was a result of the thread tearing using a pipe tap. Unsatisfied with their current process, the customer wanted to reduce their cost of production and increase tool life.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC suggested using the AccuThread 856™ Threadmill item #TMNK1000-NPT running at: 2156 RPM, 0.002 IPR, 350 SFM, and 2.17 IPM. The tool was run using a 2-pass program. The results were outstanding. Not only did the AccuThread 856™ tool increase tool life to 192 holes, it also reduced cycle time to only 3 minutes 36 seconds. Additionally, the customer significantly lowered their cost of production. With the AMEC cost per hole being only $5.880 compared to the competitive cost per hole of $173.958, the customer received a total cost savings of $32,271.00 or 96.6%.
Not only did AMEC enable the customer to reduce cycle time and increase tool life, but the End-user also decreased their cost of production by a stunning 96.6%.