ASC 320® Drill
A mold shop that specializes in small production parts for the tool and die industry is machining a stainless steel proprietary component that requires drilling 4 holes. They are using a Mori Seiki VMC running with 250 PSI through-tool coolant.
The customer was testing 2 other tools in conjunction with the AMEC tool; a Sumitomo Solid Carbide drill and a Guhring Solid Carbide drill. Both tools were run at the following parameters: 2480 RPM, 230 SFM, 0.004 IPR, and 9.92 IPM. Drilling a 0.630″ deep hole with a 0.3543″ diameter, the drills both had a cycle time of 4 seconds and a life of 150 holes. Seeking superior results, the customer wanted to reduce cycle time and decrease their cost of production.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC recommended the ASC 320® Solid Carbide Drill item #335M09000A21M running at: 2480 RPM, 230 SFM, 0.006 IPR, and 14.88 IPM. The results were excellent. Not only did the ASC 320® tool reduce cycle time to only 2.5 seconds, it also increased tool life to 500 holes. The customer also lowered their cost of production and saved a total of $408.94 or 67.0% in comparison to both the Sumitomo and Guhring tools.
AMEC succeeded in meeting the customer’s expectations by reducing both cycle time and their cost of production. Additionally, the ASC 320® tooling increased tool life.