AccuThread 856® ThreadMill
An End-user is a custom job shop running various threadmill applications. They are using a Fadal VMC to manufacture a stainless steel oil field connector.
Previously the customer was using OSG, Emuge, and Advent threadmills. They were running the competitive tools at a speed of 450 SFM and 0.00025 IPT with one pass. The customer was curious to test the AMEC tooling for this application.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC recommended the AccuThread 856™ Threadmill item #TMUK0250-20 running with one pass. The rates were initially adjusted to 360 SFM at 0.00015 IPT for the first 8-10 threads. After the initial break-in the rates were readjusted to 450 SFM and 0.00025 IPT to match the competitor’s tooling.
Due to the success of the AccuThread 856™ Threadmill, the customer has was very pleased with the tool life, performance, pricing, local availability and product support.