T-A® Drill Inserts
An End-user is manufacturing ball screws, aerospace actuators, and landing gear actuators for the aerospace industry. They are using an Okuma VMC with 750 PSI through-tool coolant to machine a gear actuator housing made out of cast stainless steel.
Previously, the customer was using a Guhring RT800 drill running at the following parameters: 733 RPM, 135 SFM, 0.007 IPR, and 5.13 IPM. The tool drilled a 0.25″ deep hole with a 0.7030″ diameter. The tool had a cycle time of 15 seconds and a life of only 10 holes. Unsatisfied with their current process, the customer wanted to increase tool life and reduce their cost of production.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC recommended the T-A® drill insert item #1C51A-.703 with holder #23010S-100L running at: 760 RPM, 140 SFM, 0.008 IPR, and 6.08 IPM. The results of the test satisfied the customer’s needs. The T-A® tool not only lowered cycle time to 14.5 seconds, but it also increased tool life to 40 holes and achieved a superior hole finish. Additionally, the customer received a substantial cost savings and saved a total of $361.65 or 85.2%.
Using the AMEC tool, the customer achieved their goals and increased tool life while lowering their cost of production. Also, they reduced cycle time and achieved a superior hole finish.