GEN3SYS® Grey Cast Iron
An End-user is manufacturing fork lift trucks using a Mori Seiki machining center running with 800 PSI coolant. The part being machined is a drive housing made out of grey cast iron.
Previously the customer was using an AMEC GEN2 T-A® insert #4C21H-0023 with holder #22010S-100F running at the following parameters: 2200 RPM, 414 SFM, 0.012 IPR, and 26.40 IPM. The tool created a 2.0″ deep hole with a 0.7188″ diameter. The tool had a cycle time of 9.5 seconds and a life of 700 holes. Although the customer was satisfied with the excellent hole quality produced by their current process, the customer wanted to increase both tool life and productivity.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC recommended using the GEN3SYS™ High Penetration Drilling system with insert item #5C218H-0023 and holder #60318S-100F running at: 2300 RPM, 433 SFM, 0.016 IPR, and 36.80 IPM. The results were excellent. The machine cycle time was reduced to 8.0 seconds and tool life increased to 1200 holes. Using the GEN3SYS™ tooling, the customer was still able to achieve the same superior hole quality that they had produced in their previous process. The customer also received a total cost savings of $1,898.82 or 16.4%.
Once again AMEC has proven our dedication to providing the customer with the best tooling available. We were able to lower cycle time and increase tool life while maintaining excellent hole quality.