EcoCut Stainless Steel General Machining
An End-user is manufacturing precision hydraulic and pneumatic clamping made out of stainless steel. They are using a Cincom Swiss style lathe to manufacture their products.
The customer previously had a four step process to complete the job. First they drilled with a Cleveland Twist drill. Then they used a rough bore, a finish bore, and finally a chamfer respectively. With a total cycle time of 42 seconds, this process created holes with a depth of .750″ and diameters of .3925″ and .4725″. Looking to AMEC to improve their production, the customer wanted to reduce cycle time.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s application engineers suggested using EcoCut, item # EC 08L-3.0D04 H-E. We recommended running the tool at a speed of 600 SFM, .007 IPR, and 6120 RPM. We also recommended using the EcoCut tool for the bore and chamfer procedures. For these processes, it was recommended the tool be run at a speed of 500 SFM, .0028 IPR, and 4064 RPM. The results were impressive. The single bore application completely eliminated the secondary bore. There were 500 parts produced per cutting edge. Additionally, all of the customer’s previous processes were now completed by one tool.
Since all of the procedures were now being completed using one tool, the customer was able to dramatically reduce their cycle time as desired.