GEN3SYS® Cast Iron
The End-user is a major manufacturer of industrial fork lift components for the heavy equipment industry. They are using a Cincinnati HMC with water soluble through-spindle coolant to machine a caliper mounting bracket made out of nodular cast iron. The part requires drilling 10 holes per bracket.
Previously, the customer was using a Kennametal Solid Carbide 6x diameter drill running at a speed of 2570 RPM, 0.013 IPR, 450 SFM, and 33.41 IPM. The tool was run in a Kennametal shrink-fit holder. The tool drilled a 1.0″ deep hole with a 0.6693″ diameter and had a life of 600 holes. The cycle time was 1.8 seconds, but installing a new drill each time required 30 minutes. Looking for improvement, the customer wanted to increase tool life and lower the time required to change the tool.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s Application Engineers suggested using the GEN3SYS™ High Penetration drilling system (insert, item #5C217H-17 and holder #60317S-075F.) The results were outstanding. Although the tool was run at the same parameters and had a cycle time of 1.8 seconds, the time required to change the tool was now only 5 minutes. The GEN3SYS™ tool also increased tool life from 600 holes to 1000 holes. Additionally, the customer was able to lower their cost of production. The customer saved a total of $1,343.62 or 57.0%.
Due to the successful performance of the GEN3SYS™ tool, the customer lowered the time required to change the tool and increased tool life. The customer also received a substantial cost savings of 57.0%.