GEN3SYS® Structural Steel Heat Exchanger
An End-user is manufacturing components for the heating and cooling industry using a Mori Seiki BMC VMC running with 200 PSI through-tool coolant. They are machining tube sheets for heat exchangers made out of structural steel.
The customer was testing 2 separate tools against the AMEC process; a Mitsubishi Drill and a 2-piece Aloris YES High Penetration Drill. Both tools were running at a speed of 1400 RPM, 0.012 IPR, 278 SFM, and 16.80 IPM. The Mitsubishi tool had a life of 175 holes while the Aloris Yes drill had a life of 170 holes. The total cycle time for each tool was 10.7 seconds. Looking to improve their production process, the customer wanted to reduce cycle time.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC suggested using the GEN3SYS™ High Penetration Drilling system with an insert, item #5C118H-.758 and holder #60518H-100F. It was advised that the tool be run at a speed of 1890 RPM, 0.013 IPR, 375 SFM, and 24.57 IPM. The results were outstanding. The tool lowered cycle time to 7.3 seconds and increased tool life to 275 holes. The GEN3SYS™ tooling also produced superior chip control and hole quality. Additionally, the customer received a substantial cost savings. Against the Aloris YES drills, they saved a total of $9,877.79 or 48.8%. Against the Mitsubishi drills, they saved a total of $4,730.16 or 31.4%.
Due to the successful performance of the GEN3SYS™ tool, the customer lowered cycle time, increased tool life, and produced a superior hole quality. Additionally, the customer decreased their cost of production.