An End-user is manufacturing front and back end loaders for the construction industry. They are using a Cincinnati CNC VMC with 120 PSI through-tool coolant. The part being machined is a structural steel strut for a front end loader bucket. The production run for this application requires drilling 26 holes.
Previously the customer was using a Precision Twist Drill running at a speed of 480 RPM, 0.010 IPR, 106 SFM, and 4.80 IPM. The drill created a 5.0? deep hole with a 0.8438? diameter and the hole had a +/- 0.004? tolerance. The tool had a cycle time of 62.5 seconds. The tool life was 8 holes and the tool required 4 regrinds. Looking to improve their production process, the customer wanted to increase tool life, increase productivity, and eliminate tool regrind.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s Application Engineers suggested using the GEN3SYS™ High Penetration Drilling System with insert, item #5C220H-0027, and holder #60720H-100F. They recommended running the tool at a speed of 1250 RPM, 0.015 IPR, 276 SFM and 18.75 IPM. The results were outstanding. The GEN3SYS™ tool lowered cycle time to only 16.0 seconds. Not only did our tooling eliminate tool regrind, but it also dramatically increased tool life from only 8 holes to 200 holes. The customer also lowered their cost of production and saved $32.45 or 58.35%.
Not only did AMEC enable the customer to reduce their cycle time and improve tool life, but we also lowered the customer’s cost of production. The customer now plans to utilize additional sizes of GEN3SYS™ inserts in other aspects of their production.