AccuPort 432® Cast Aluminum
An End-user is manufacturing aluminum castings. They are using a Makino A77 with 300 PSI internal coolant. The specific part the customer is machining is a transmission housing made out of cast aluminum.
Previously, the customer was using 4 tools to manufacture their products. They were using a Dexport insert drill, an L & I reamer, a chamfer, and a spot face. Drilling to a depth of 1.3 inches, they created a hole with a 25 mm diameter. Wanting to improve their production process, the customer needed to reduce the number of tools used, reduce their cycle time, and provide a lower cost per part to their clients. They also wanted to maintain a hole tolerance of +\-.003″.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s application engineers suggested that they try AccuPort432®, item # 050725-8. They recommended running the tool at a speed of 800 SFM, 3100 RPM, and .014 IPR. The results were exceptional. Not only was the AccuPort432® tool able to complete all four operations with just one tool and therefore eliminate the tools the customer was previously using, it also met the hole requirements set by the customer. By eliminating the reamer, the AccuPort432® tool also reduced the tooling applications. Additionally, it increased productivity and provided the customer with a total cost savings of $1,079.82.
Due to the success of our AccuPort432® tooling, the customer was able to reduce the number of tools used in the application from four to one. Also, they dramatically reduced their cycle time and cost per part.