GEN2 T-A® Cast Iron
An End-user is manufacturing engines for semi-trucks using a Mazak HMC MC1516 with water soluble coolant. The part being machined is an engine block made out of cast iron.
Previously, the customer was using a solid carbide drill running without coolant. Running at a speed of 2350 RPM and 0.007 IPR, the tool had a cycle time of 5.01 seconds. The drill created a 1.10″ deep hole with a 0.4016″ diameter. This tool had a life of 625 holes and required 5 regrinds which yielded 125 holes per regrind. Seeking to improve their production process, the customer wanted to reduce cycle time, eliminate tool regrinding, and increase tool life.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s Application Engineers recommended the GEN2 T-A® drilling system using an insert, item #4C2YH-10.2, with holder #060830-31. They advised that the tool be run at a speed of 3600 RPM and 0.005 IPR. This tool had a cycle time of 4.67 seconds. The results were outstanding. Not only did the GEN2 T-A® tool lower the machine’s cycle time, but it also increased tool life to a stunning 4000 holes. The tool also eliminated the need for regrinding. Additionally, the customer was able to lower their cost of production. With the AMEC cost per hole being only $0.087 compared to the competitor’s cost per hole of $0.254, the customer received a total cost savings of $8,326.43 or 65.57%.
Due to the successful performance of the GEN2 T-A® tooling, the customer was able to reduce cycle time and eliminate the need for tool regrinding. Also, the customer significantly lowered their cost of production by 65.57%.