GEN3SYS® Low Carbon Steel
An End-user is supplying equipment to a heavy equipment manufacturer. They are machining a mounting bracket made out of low carbon steel using a Mazak with flood coolant.
Previously, the customer was using a CJT Cool Tip drill running at a speed of 800 RPM and 0.0056 IPR. Drilling to a depth of 2.55″ the tool created a hole with a 0.656″ diameter. The tool’s cycle time was 40.0 seconds with a peck cycle and had a tool life of 100 holes. Seeking to improve their production process, the customer wanted to improve productivity by increasing tool life and increasing penetration rate.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s Application Engineers suggested using the GEN3SYS™ High Penetration drilling system with an insert, item #5C116H-0021 and holder #60516H-075F. It was advised that the tool be run at a speed of 1000 RPM and 0.008 IPR. The results were outstanding. The GEN3SYS™ tool lowered cycle time to 19.0 seconds and eliminated the peck process. The tool also increased tool life from 100 holes to a stunning 1200 holes. Additionally, the customer was able to increase tool output while lowering the cost of production. With the AMEC cost per hole being only $0.673 compared to the competitor’s cost per hole of $1.158, the customer received a total cost savings of $4,855.58 or 41.92%.
Due to the successful performance of the GEN3SYS™ tool, we not only enabled the customer to reduce their cycle time and improve tool life, but we also lowered the customer’s cost of production by 41.92%.