GEN3SYS® High Temperature Alloy
An End-user is manufacturing special washers, made out of high temperature Monel alloy, for highly corrosive products in the valves and fittings industry. They are using a Mazak Slant Bed 20 Lathe with flood coolant to produce their products.
Previously, the customer was using a Titex drill, item #AH45X11/2, running at a speed of 320 RPM and 0.0012 IPR. Drilling to a depth of 0.5″, the tool created a hole with a 0.5910″ diameter. The tool’s cycle time was 1 minute 18 seconds. Seeking to improve production, the customer wanted to reduce cycle time and increase tool life.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s Application Engineers suggested using a GEN3SYS™ blade, item #5C115H-15, with a holder, item #60315H-075L. They recommended running the tool at a speed of 550 RPM and 0.006 IPR. The results were outstanding. The GEN3SYS™ tool dramatically lowered cycle time to only 9.09 seconds, a reduction of 1 minute 8.91 seconds. The tool life increased from only 40 holes to 200 holes. Additionally, the customer also received good chip control and greatly reduced the cost of production. The GEN3SYS™ cost per hole was only $0.349 while the competitor’s was $13.906. Therefore, the total cast savings with the AMEC tool was $2,711.45 or 97.49%.
Not only did AMEC enable the customer to reduce their cycle time and improve tool life, but we also lowered the customer’s cost of production by a stunning 97.49%.