GEN2 T-A® Niobium Aluminum
A local contract job shop is manufacturing high end yacht and ship components using a Fadal VMC 15XT with flood coolant. The part being machined is a proprietary component for the NAVSEA (Navy) made out of niobium plate welded to aluminum.
Previously the customer was using a Sandvik A880 Indexable drill running at a speed of 764 RPM and 0.0008 IPR. Drilling to a depth of 0.70″, the tool created a 1.0″ diameter hole. The tool had a life of 22 holes and a cycle time of 68.72 seconds. Looking for improvements, the customer wanted to increase tool life and reduce the cost of production.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s Application Engineers recommended the GEN2 T-A® insert, item #452H-0100 with holder #22020S-125L. It was advised that the tool be run at a speed of 458 RPM and 0.0025 IPR. The results were excellent. With a cycle time of 36.68 seconds, the tool reduced the machine’s cycle time by 32.04 seconds. Additionally, the GEN2 T-A® tool increased tool life to 44 holes. Not only did the tool have superior chip formation, but it also created a smoother cut. Additionally, the customer lowered the cost of production by $16.77 or 18.09%.
Due to the exceptional performance of our tooling, the customer succeeded in increasing tool life and reducing cycle time. They were also able to produce a higher quality hole while lowering the cost of production.