AccuThread 856® Low Carbon Steel Heavy Equipment
An End-user is manufacturing lawn mower components from low carbon steel for the heavy equipment industry. They are using a CNC Machining Center with a water solution as a coolant to manufacture their products. The part is an adjuster for a lawn mower deck.
Previously, they were using an OSG 3 flute TiN coated Tap drill running at a speed of 500 RPM. With the tap drill size being 14 mm, the drill produced a through hole that was 1.140” thick. The drill had a tool life of 500 holes. Turning to AMEC, they needed to increase tool life and reduce overall tooling costs. They were also becoming concerned about carrying costs, tool inventory, and tool change down-time.
AMEC's Solution
To ease the customer’s concerns and create a solution to their problems, AMEC suggested using the TMMK 1600-200 Threadmill with a 2.0 pitch and 4 flutes AM210 coating. We recommended running the tool at a speed of 450 SFM and .003 IPR. After allowing break-in time for mill, we decided to lower the speed to 300 SFM. We ran 2 passes to complete the process. Our tool had an average tool life of 2,500 holes, a significant improvement over the previous tool. The results offered long term advantages over tapping that ultimately improved spindle up-time. Using our tooling, the quality of the thread size and the fit were very consistent. Not only was the tool change setup up minimized, but the scrap was nearly eliminated. With more than 5 times the tool life of the OSG 3 flute tap, our Threadmills were an excellent solution.
We were able to provide an effective and more efficient tool for the customer to produce their products.