GEN2 T-A® Aluminum Alloy Automotive
An End-user manufactures aluminum master brake cylinders out of aluminum die cast for the automotive industry. They are using an HMC Twin Spindle with a 1000 PSI blaster oil soluble coolant to produce these cylinders.
To manufacture their products, the customer was originally using a solid carbide drill running at a speed of 4463 RPM and 0.010 IPR. With a drilling depth of 3.937″, the tool created a hole with a 0.8559″ diameter and had a cycle time of 5.29 seconds. The tool life was 10,000 holes with 6 regrinds per tool. Looking to AMEC to improve their production, the customer wanted to reduce their cost per part while still maintaining the existing quality of the through hole size and the hole straightness.
AMEC's Solution
In response the customer’s desire for improvement, AMEC recommended a GEN2 T-A® blade, item # 4C21N-.8559-S, with a laser clad holder. We recommended running the tool at a speed of 4463 RPM and 0.015 IPR. The results were impressive. Using the GEN2 T-A® blade, we not only maintained the quality of the hole size and straightness, but we also achieved chip control at a high feed rate. Additionally, the customer reduced cutting forces and increased the tool life to 12,000 parts. Reducing the tool’s cycle time from 5.29 seconds to 3.53 seconds, we were also able to reduce the cost of production.
Using the AMEC tooling, the customer maintained the quality of the hole size and straightness as desired and also reduced cycle time and increased tool life. Reducing the cost of production, the customer received a total savings of $11,558.42 or 31.25%.