ASC 320® Carbide Drill
An End-user is manufacturing and maintaining equipment for the oilfield industry. The specific part being machined is a component of the jaws that screws pipe together on an oil rig and is being made out of high strength alloy. They are using a Mazak VMC with 1000 PSI coolant through the tool to produce their products.
Previously, the customer was using a 0.500″ diameter Jobber length drill to establish the 4.7″ deep hole. They then finished drilling the part with an extended length cobalt drill running at a speed of 90 SFM and 0.004 IPR. The complete operation had a cycle time of 109.54 seconds and drilled 447 inches. Seeking to improve their production process, the customer wanted to reduce cycle time and decrease cost of production.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s Application Engineers suggested using a 0.500″ diameter ASC 320® solid carbide drill, item #390E05000A21M. They recommended running the tool at a speed of 200 SFM and 0.010 IPR. The results were quite stunning. Not only did the ASC 320® tool eliminate the pilot drill, but it also lowered cycle time to only 18.43 seconds and drilled 484 inches. The total cost savings was $1,008.22 or 72.96%.
By dramatically reducing cycle time, the customer was able to increase both profits and shop capacity. Not only does the customer now consider AMEC as a cost saving partner, but they have also ordered 6 different sizes of ASC 320 ® drills for other applications.