GEN2 T-A® A536 Steel Military
A job shop is manufacturing components for the United States military made out of A536 steel. They are using a Cincinnati Horizontal machine with a 50 PSI coolant to manufacture their products. The part being machined is a military miner block with a 4.375″ diameter and an 11.0″ depth.
Previously the customer was using a Mazak 655 VMC running at a speed of 120 SFM with a feed of 0.003 IPR. They used an original T-A® blade, item # 138T-0412, without coolant through the tool. The tool had a cycle time of 33.0 minutes with a tool life of 2 parts. Seeking to improve their production process, the customer needed to decrease cycle time and reduce costs.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s Application Engineers recommended using a GEN2 T-A® drill insert, item # 458H-0412, with coolant through the holder. Because the Mazak 655 VMC did not have enough thrust to run the GEN2 T-A® insert, they switched machines from the Mazak to the Cincinnati Horizontal. It was advised that the tool be run at a speed of 247 SFM, 215 RPM, 1.94 IPM, and .009 IPR. With a cycle time of 5.8 minutes, the tool had a life of 15 parts. The results were impressive and proved that AMEC is dedicated to providing our customer with the best tooling available. The customer was able to reduce the cost of production while still maintaining the original high quality of their product. The total cost savings was $704.40 or 68%. Additionally, the customer lowered their cycle time and increased tool life.
Our GEN2 T-A® tool met the customer’s every expectation. By reducing the cycle time and increasing tool life, AMEC ultimately made the End-user’s production process more efficient and cost effective.