T-A® Drill Inserts
An End-user manufactures and re-builds heat exchangers using an Eagle Drill Table with water soluble oil coolant. The part being machined is tube sheet for the heat exchangers made out of mild steel.
Previously the customer was using a 2-step process to complete the operation. First, they used a NACHI Oilhole Cobalt drill running at a speed of 725 RPM with a feed of 0.008 IPR. The resulting hole was 2.0″ deep with a 1.0″ diameter. This tool had a life of 90 holes. The second process involved a Morse reamer running at a speed of 400 RPM with a feed of 0.010 IPR. This tool had a reaming depth of 2.0″ with a diameter of 1.008″. With a total cycle time of 50.69 seconds for both operations, the customer wanted to lower cycle time to combat competition.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s Application Engineers recommended a T-A® drill insert, item #152A-1.008-IN, with holder #24020F-125F. It was advised that the tool be run at a speed of 850 RPM with a feed of 0.010 IPR. The T-A® drill insert created 2.0″ deep hole with a 1.008″ diameter and had a cycle time of 14.1 seconds. The tool also had a life of 100 holes. The results were impressive. Not only did the T-A® drill insert completely eliminate the 2nd operation, but it also allowed the customer to eliminate another setup time. Additionally, the cycle time was reduced from 50.69 seconds to 14.1 seconds. The customer received a total cost savings of $1,307.97 or 34.17%.
Due to the successful performance of the T-A® drill insert, the customer reduced cycle time and also reduced their cost of production.