T-A® Drill Inserts
A contract machine shop is maintaining and repairing equipment for chemical plants and oil fields. The part being machined is a wire line component for offshore drilling made of Monel alloy. They are using an M5 Mazak CNC with semi-synthetic coolant to produce their products.
Previously, the customer was using a precision twist solid cobalt drill running at a speed of 250 RPM and 0.004 IPR. With a drilling depth of 3.4″, the tool created a hole with a 0.750″ diameter. The tool’s cycle time was 3.9 minutes and had 4 holes per regrind. Turning to AMEC for improvements, the customer wanted to reduce cycle time.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s Application Engineers recommended a T-A® drill insert, item #151A-0024, with a holder, item #23010S-100F. They recommended running the tool at a speed of 300 RPM and 0.004 IPR. As with the previous tool, the T-A® drill insert had a drilling depth of 3.4″ and created a hole with a 0.750″ diameter. The results were excellent. By reducing the cycle time to 3.33 minutes, the customer was also able to lower their cost of production. Compared to the competitor’s cost per hole of $22.02, the AMEC cost per hole is only $11.99. Therefore, the customer received a total cost savings of $2,507.09 or 45.54%.
Based the success of our tooling, the customer was able to reduce cycle time by 34 seconds. Additionally, the customer also received a substantial cost savings and was thoroughly pleased with the performance of the tool.