EcoCut Flywheels
An End-user is manufacturing flywheels made out of cast iron for the automotive industry. They are using a CNC Hessapp Inverted VTL with a standard stick style boring bar. Their machine ran without a coolant to produce these flywheels.
To manufacture their products, the customer bore a center hole with a flat bottom and radius at the top. The entire process was done in 3 passes, taking 15 seconds to complete. Each year, 150,000 parts were manufactured using this process. Looking to AMEC to improve their production, they wanted to reduce the number of passes required to complete the operation and reduce the cycle time. In creating the flywheels, they were having difficulty achieving consistent finish requirements. Also, the large amount of chatter from the machine was becoming a problem. Our customer was hoping AMEC could find an effective solution to their needs.
AMEC's Solution
In response to our customer’s desire for improvement, AMEC recommended using the EcoCut EC 20R-2.25D 10-E with cast iron grade inserts. We ran the machine at a speed of 500 SFM, .009 IPR, and 21.8 IPM. The results showed that our customer’s expectations had not just been met, they had been exceeded. With 1 complete pass eliminated, the machine’s cycle time had been reduced to less than 8 seconds. Additionally, we eliminated the chatter and achieved the desired finish requirements consistently.
By reducing the cycle time, AMEC saved our customer 292 machine hours annually. Combined with our presence in other operations throughout the customer’s plant, AMEC once again proved that we had “the hole solution” and not necessarily in the form of a drill.