GEN2 T-A® Low Carbon Steel Oil & Gas
An oilfield sub-contract shop uses a Mazak CNC Lathe with through-coolant in order to manufacture their products. They drilled collars from both ends that were 12.50" deep.
The customer was using a HSS twist drill with coolant through the tool running at 90 SFM, 0.014 IPR and 4.83 IPM. Cycle time was approximately 1.3 minutes. The customer was looking to reduce both cycle time and overall costs.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC proposed using a 24020S-125F Holder with a 4C12H-0100 GEN2 T-A® carbide insert. The 1" diameter GEN2 T-A® carbide insert drilled to a 6.25" depth at rates of 380 SFM, 0.014 IPR and 20.3 IPM. The new process drilled over 400 holes with an approximate cycle time of 0.31 minutes. The cycle time of the process was reduced almost a full minute from 1.3 minutes to 0.31 minutes. The tool was also a lot more cost effective when drilling. Total savings with GEN2 T-A® insert were close to 77%.
The customer drastically reduced their cycle time while realizing substantial savings in tooling costs.