EcoCut Stellite
A job shop is manufacturing cast impellers made out of Stellite alloy. They are using a Hitachi Seiki with a water soluble coolant throughout the machine to manufacture their products.
The customer was using 2 different tools, a carbide end-mill and a boring bar, in order to complete the job. The cycle time was 2.62 minutes. Turning to AMEC to improve their production, the customer was looking to reduce the amount of tools used in their production process and to cut down on costs.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s application engineers recommended using EcoCut, item # EC12R-2.25D-06E, with a holder with a CM40 coating, item # XCNT060204EN. It was suggested that the tool be run at a speed of 430 RPM, 70 SFM, and 1.5 IPM. With these settings, AMEC succeeded in eliminating two tools from the process and also reduced the cycle time by 1.17 minutes to 1.45 minutes. The customer’s tool life also increased from 20 parts to 30 parts. They received a total cost savings of 70.8%.
By eliminating two tools from their production process, AMEC was able to dramatically reduce their cycle time. In turn, this helped to reduce the total costs of tooling by 70.8%. Currently, the customer is using 80 EcoCut inserts per week.