EcoCut Low Carbon Steel Automotive
A contract manufacturing company is producing automotive airbag components. They are using a bar fed Miyano CNC Lathe with 200 PSI coolant through the tool. The part being machined is an actuator component made out of low carbon steel.
To manufacture their products, the customer was initially using three tools; an indexable drill, a rough boring tool, and a finish boring tool. Turning to AMEC to improve their production, the customer needed to reduce costs in order to continue their contract.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s application engineers suggested that they use a combination of a T-A Drill outfitted with a Gen2 insert and an EcoCut holder and insert. First, the drilling would be done with the T-A Drill and Gen2 insert, item # 4C10H-0017. Then, the rough and finish boring would be done with the EcoCut combination which included a holder, item # EC 12R-3.0D 06 H-E, and an insert with a GM40 grade, item # XCNT 060202EN. The results were excellent. This new process eliminated one tool and therefore reduced tooling costs by 36%. In turn, the customer received a total costs savings of $4,761.49 per 20,000 holes.
In addition to tooling cost reductions, the customer also saved $0.24 per part. They were considerable pleased with our tooling and were able to continue their contract.