ASC 320® Free Machining Steel Automotive
A machine shop that utilizes Screw and Rotary Transfer Machines to produce valves and pressure connectors for the Automotive Industry is looking to maximize the capabilities of a new machine to increase production. The production increase is key to opening the door to additional orders with their largest customer.
Previously, an 8.8 mm carbide Iscar drill was being run at 2036 RPM, 0.006 IPR and 12.21 IPM and getting a tool life of 11,000 holes.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s Application Engineers suggested using an ASC 320® Hi-Pen 3.5xD drill, item #335M8800A21M. The drill was to be run at 3300 RPM, 0.008 IPR and 26.4 IPM.
The Allied ASC 320® drill increased tool life from 11,000 holes to 21,000 holes while decreasing cycle time from 3 minutes 4 seconds to 1 minute 50 seconds. IMP doubled from 12.21 to 26.41. With cost per hole savings of $11,932.12 annually, the customer not only took on new jobs, the purchased an additional hydromat machine!