Special Aluminum Automotive
An automotive engine plant is machining cylinder heads for diesel engines out of 9% silicon aluminum. They were previously using AMEC carbide T-A high rake blades and were planning on adjusting their production process.
To manufacture their products, they were using a Transfer line with 13 mm TiN coated high rake carbide blades, item #1C20T-13-HR, running at a speed of 5000 RPM and 0.008 IPR. The tool life was 3,500 holes in the 9% silicon aluminum. For the 2006 model, the customer was changing the silicon content of their material from 9% to 11%. After running a test with their previous tooling on the new material, the customer decided they would need to adjust their tool to increase tool life. If AMEC was unable to improve the situation, the customer would look to other processes and in turn jeopardize AMEC’s relationship with them.
AMEC's Solution
AMEC’s application engineers suggested the customer try our new diamond coated T-A® blades, item #1N20D-13. They advised that the tool be run at the current speed of 5000 RPM and 0.008 IPR. The results were outstanding and the diamond coated blades excelled in the new 11% silicon aluminum material. With a new tool life of 45,000 holes, the customer reduced their tool changes from once every 5 days to once every 6 weeks. Additionally, the tool decreased the customer’s cost per hole by $0.010.
Based on the success of the diamond coated blades, the customer received the extended tool life they needed in order to change their material’s silicon content. This illustrates AMEC’s commitment to providing the end-user with the best possible tooling available.